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Dental Botox Edmonton ABWhat is BOTOX® ?

Botox is a purified protein that relaxes the muscles of facial expression and is used to treat headaches and migraines in addition to reducing and preventing wrinkles.

Who is a good candidate for A BOTOX® procedure?

Botox is used in two primary methods. One is therapeutic for chronic migraine sufferers and the other is cosmetic for the reduction and prevention of wrinkles. Migraine sufferers can be treated at any age with Botox. Botox cosmetic is most commonly used in people aged 25-65. However, younger and older people may choose to be treated as well.

Are BOTOX® results permanent?

No, the effects of Botox last anywhere between 3-4 months. The variation in time is dependent on your metabolism and how quickly one can metabolize the Botox.

Is BOTOX® expensive?

Like most other services, there is a range in Botox pricing. The Price of Botox will usually range from $7-$12/unit. 150 units is used in therapeutic Botox to treat migraines and headaches. For Botox cosmetic the range of units is based on the individual’s needs and range from 15-150 units; the average being about 50 units.

Is BOTOX® cosmetic safe?

Botox cosmetic is very safe. There are no documented reactions to Botox. The only side effect that can occur, in very rare instances, is a facial droop. This is caused if the Botox is injected in the wrong area. This is why it is very important for the provider to know their anatomy well so proper injection placement is achieved.

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