Get a Free Dose of Wellness from your Smile

smileYou are probably aware of at least a few of the benefits that stem from a smile. When someone smiles at you, you are naturally inclined to return the favor. You may have even noticed that when you are met with a smile you feel a little more pep in your step for at least a few minutes afterward. This and many other interesting facts have been revealed in a number of research studies.

What a Smile Does for Your Mood

The reason why you may feel a little happier when you see a smile and when you yourself smile is that the brain reacts to this physical movement by producing a larger number of neuropeptides. Brain chemicals such as dopamine and serotonin are directly related with an elevated emotional state. An interesting finding during research studies is that the brain activity induced by a smile occurred whether study participants smiled as a response to external stimuli or they created a smiling expression with their fingers. This is an important piece of information because it reminds us that we can feel a little better even if we “fake it til we make it.”

What a Smile does for Stress

Most of us love the idea of feeling a little more carefree and a little less stressed in our daily lives. The good news is a smile can help with this. Like an improved mood stress reduction is the product of positive brain activity. Endorphins stimulated by a smile relax the body, lower blood pressure, and cause the heart rate to slow. And combination, these effects reduce our feelings of stress.

What a Smile does for your Health

Because the average life expectancy has increased in recent decades, more of us are considering how we can remain healthy throughout our lives. Smiling plays important role in this goal. Recent research and discovered that when we smile every cell in the body relaxes. The significance of this relaxation is that the rigidity of a cell has a direct effect on its susceptibility to stress induced mutation. Most people know that cellular mutations are an underlying cause of cancer.

One of the aspects that we love about dentistry is being able to help our patients and joy smiling more. Let us help you! Schedule a visit with us today.

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