Food That’s Good for Your Teeth

healthy teethOf course you know that food is good for your overall health status. But do you know that there are some food items that can be good for your teeth as well? Yes, that’s right! There are food choices that can help you maintain a beautiful, healthy smile. So instead of going the negative route and talking about food that can damage your teeth, here’s what you should eat so you can give your teeth (and tummy) that extra love.

  • Dairy products. You know how you’re supposed to drink a lot of milk so that your bones can grow big and strong? The same principle goes for your teeth! And it’s not just the fact that calcium is good for your teeth enamel. Cheese, for example, can help increase the acidity of the pH in your mouth, which can help fight tooth decay. The same is true with yogurt – just make sure to choose a sugar-free yogurt so that you can avoid cavities.
  • Almonds. These nuts contain a surprisingly high amount of calcium and protein, which makes them good for strengthening your teeth and tooth enamel. Almonds are also low in sugar, which is bad news for bacteria and good news for your teeth! There are a lot of meals you can cook while adding a cup of almonds for that extra nutritional value.
  • Crunchy food. Now, we’re not talking about fried chicken or potato chips. We’re talking about raw apples, carrots and celery. While they are obviously good sources of nutrients for your body, they have another use for your teeth. The extra amount saliva you produce while munching on them are great for combating cavities.
  • Leafy vegetables. These leafy greens, while hard to swallow for some, are a very good source of nutrients for your teeth. They can also be a source of calcium for your teeth and contain folic acid. Folic acid can be a possible cure for gum disease in pregnant women! If you’re one of those people who aren’t a fan of kale and spinach, try sprinkling pasta and pizza with finely chopped veggies.

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