Attention Coffee Drinkers: 3 Things to Know

dental careLorelai and Rory Gilmore never start or even end a day without at least a few cups of coffee. As one of the best and most natural ways to wake you up and keep you going strong all day long, coffee is not only beneficial, but it’s tasty as well. However, all good things have some cons as well. For instance, coffee is hard on your teeth and can lead to discoloration or even enamel erosion. Here are three things you need to know about your favorite pick-me-up. Read on to learn more.

  1. It’s Acidic

Yes, you likely know that things like carbonated beverages and oranges contain a high amount of acid that can upset your stomach and esophagus. But did you know that coffee is an acidic drink as well? Causing things like the reflex, coffee can also erode away at your teeth’s enamel which can make your teeth sensitive to hot and cold beverages.

  1. You Should Drink Water Afterwards

Coffee is the number one cause of stained and discolored teeth. To cut down on the ability for coffee to stain your teeth, however, try drinking water directly after each cup. Water will not only rinse the coffee off your teeth, but it will also cut down on the acidity. Plus, with all the caffeine in each cup of coffee, it can dehydrate you.

  1. Try It Wth Milk

If you can stomach drinking a big mug of black coffee, more power to you. However, although a black cup of coffee may help you cut back on sugars and calories, it can also stain your teeth more. As a low calorie and low sugar way to make your coffee lighter, try adding a splash of almond or skim milk to your mug.

Nothing will take you back to an episode of Gilmore Girl’s quite like a steamy cup of hot coffee. As an all-natural way to give you energy, coffee can wreak havoc on your teeth. Luckily, by understanding a little bit more about it, you can keep your teeth in better condition. To learn more about ways to take care of your teeth, contact Today’s Dental today!




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