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Our Dentists Have Options for Your Smile

Today’s Dental is pleased to offer cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton to address your aesthetic needs. Our general dentist will listen to your concerns and provide a treatment plan that makes sense for you. We understand that each patient will have different goals, which is why we provide a range of options.

Are you looking for a solution to replace a missing tooth or do you simply want a brighter smile? Today’s Dental can help and invites you to make an appointment at our Edmonton cosmetic dentistry. If you are looking to straighten your teeth or repair damage from a sports injury, we encourage you to consult with our general dentist.

From dental implants to crowns and more, Dr. Manji works to enhance Edmonton smiles with cosmetic dentistry procedures. As a general dentist, Dr. Manji strives to help your smile reach its potential.

Cosmetic dentistry seeks to better the appearance of a patient’s teeth, gums, and bite. It encompasses adding or removing material from teeth and gums, whitening, and orthodontics.

Dental Additions

Additions to teeth or gums include dental implants, porcelain veneers, composite fillings, inlays, and onlays. We can replace missing teeth with strong dental implants, which perform like natural teeth.

If your teeth are chipped or irregularly spaced, our general dentist can bond porcelain veneers to your teeth to reshape your smile.

Dental Removals

Dentists also remove tooth structure or gums to improve smiles. We can reshape and straighten your crooked, or chipped teeth by shaving the enamel down. This offers fast, permanent results, and can sometimes make braces unnecessary.


Teeth whitening enriches the overall look of your smile. Our bleaching system, KoR Teeth Whitening, is powerful on teeth but gentle on gums. The results last a long time, allowing you to continue enjoying drinks like coffee and tea with a white smile.


Orthodontics treat improper bites, tooth misalignment, and disproportionate jaws. Solutions include Invisalign® and metal braces. Orthodontic care is designed to improve your overall oral health but will also impact your appearance as your teeth gradually shift into place. Many adult patients are interested in Invisalign®, which straightens teeth through the use of clear, nearly invisible aligners. With a consultation with Today’s Dental, our general dentist can help determine which plan of treatment is right for you!

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